Active Bariatric Nutrition
For The Whole You.

We help post-op bariatric patients safely, knowledgably, and optimally fuel their body for an active lifestyle and provide the personalized nutritional support they need at every step of the way.

Helping You at
Any Fitness Level

We typically work with clients 6 to 24+ months past their surgery, or at any point you need specialized information and support related to active your lifestyle goals. Below are just some of the challenges we help clients with every day:

  • Minimizing feelings of continual fatigue and frustration in workouts
  • Improving post-workout recovery with more energy and less lingering soreness
  • Proper fuel intake before, during, and after workouts with less digestive problems
  • How to replace typical sports nutrition products with ones less prone to side effects
  • Strategizing timing of fluids, meals, and snacks for increased performance
  • Optimizing bariatric vitamin and mineral supplement regimen to prevent deficiencies and enhance exercise goals