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As you know, post-bariatric patients who pursue a more active lifestyle can find themselves feeling fatigued and frustrated. With increasing exercise after bariatric surgery, patients wonder at what point is it important to begin increasing their overall intake and how to do that when they are still limited on how much they can eat at one time.
  • Minimize the feeling of continual fatigue and frustration in your workouts
  • Improve your post-workout recovery so that you have more energy and less lingering soreness after your workouts
  • End the struggle of not knowing what to eat before, during, and after workouts that can lead to digestive problems
  • Reduce the risk of injury or even illness that comes from inadequate nutrition
  • Learn how to replace typical sports nutrition products with ones that are less prone to side effects
  • Learn how to optimize timing of fluids, meals, and snacks to increase performance
  • Gain better consistency in your exercise and sleep with nutrition that is aligned with your goals
  • Get the knowledge and support you need to safely fuel your body and reach new physical achievements

Our Approach

We help post-bariatric patients safely, knowledgably, and optimally fuel their body for fitness and provide the personalized support they need at every step of the way.

Nutrition and Meal Planning

Stop being frustrated with nutritional guidelines for an active lifestyle that don’t work for you, your surgery, or your goals. Following typical post-surgery nutritional guidelines or typical sports nutrition recommendations may make your goals harder to achieve if they are not tailored to your unique needs. Active Bariatric Nutrition provides the knowledge and training you need to safely fuel your body and achieve your fitness goals.

Active Bariatric Nutrition provides meal planning that goes beyond basic calorie management. We teach you how to fuel your body safely and knowledgably in a way that works for your specific surgery and your specific fitness goals.

Here are just some of the things we cover

  • Pre-and post-workout fueling guidelines
  • Hydration and fueling plan for working out, training, and competition days
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements review
  • Personalized meal plans to help you achieve your training goals and phases
  • Grocery lists and recipes that will help you succeed
  • Bariatric-friendly sports nutrition products that work with your surgery type
  • Unlimited email support between one-on-one sessions

Initial Consultation

Achieving success starts with developing a plan that is accessible and attainable, and arming you with the tools, knowledge, and personal support you’ll need for success. You’ll have someone in your corner who knows what you’re going through, that will be with you every step of the way, helping you overcome what isn’t working, and arming you with things that will work for you.

During the initial consultation we’ll discuss your goals, unpack the challenges, and lay the framework for overcoming the obstacles holding you back from enjoying the active lifestyle you deserve. Having a clear action plan is the first step towards success, and this is the starting point on the journey we’ll take together. As part of the getting started plan, we’ll establish important metrics to monitor, and put strategies in place for tweaking the plan as we move forward towards your fitness goals.
Action Plan
A realistic action plan that will keep you feeling motivated with realistic guidelines you can be successful and consistent with. We will factor in your specific type of surgery, timeframes, current progress, and any setbacks you might be encountering. Our years of expertise, combining the needs of bariatric patients and the needs of athletes will enable you to keep moving towards your goals and the life you set out to achieve.
Accountability starts by knowing intimately where you are at, what you’re trying to achieve, and monitoring progress along the way. Part of our initial consultation is ensuring that we map your unique goals and achievement towards those goals so that we can put a realistic accountability plan in place.
Combining the fields of bariatric nutrition guidelines with sports nutrition guidelines we apply proven science with personalized guidance as you progress to keep you feeling your best and on track. You’ll feel confident knowing what to watch for, and knowing you have the personal support, knowledge, tools, and resources needed to keep moving towards success.

One-on-One Follow-ups

Going beyond the numbers, we’ll look holistically at how you’re feeling, affirm what’s working, adjust what’s not and help you stay on track to achieve your goals.
The Action Plan we create is just that – a plan, and sometimes life can throw curveballs, where things don’t go according to plan. This is our opportunity to go beyond the metrics and continue to refine the plan together as we move forward. We really want to know what’s working, what’s not working, and how you’re feeling at every step of the journey.

Most importantly – we’ll be listening, encouraging, supporting, and collaborating with you to adjust the plan strategy or specific steps of implementation so you’re continually moving forward towards your goal. This will also be an opportunity to celebrate and continue to build upon the successes along the way.

Our focus on one-on-one follow-ups


Discovery Call

Living an active lifestyle as a post-bariatric patient can be hard – but it doesn’t need to be. You don’t have to do it alone, and you can achieve the next steps in your fitness journey, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

The Discovery Call is where the next steps in your journey start. This is an opportunity for us to learn more about you, your personal goals, what challenges you are facing, what has or hasn’t worked in the past, the outcomes you want to achieve. Importantly, it’s also an opportunity for you to ask questions to make sure that Active Bariatric Nutrition is a good fit for you and your specific goals.

Active Bariatric Nutrition is not for everyone and is tailored for those who have already had bariatric surgery and are looking to achieve or maintain a post-op level of fitness.
Active Bariatric Nutrition provides meal planning that goes beyond basic calorie management. We teach you how to fuel your body safely and knowledgably in a way that works for your specific surgery and your specific fitness goals.

If you are a previous bariatric patient and struggling with one or more of the following, we can help:

  • You need more personalized nutrition support that is tailored to you
  • You are frustrated, fatigued, or feeling alone in your fitness journey
  • You are stuck in achieving the next fitness level due to common post-surgery limitations
  • You are experiencing side-effects from trying to follow more active/sports nutrition recommendations
  • You don’t know who to turn to for support so you can move forward with your goals and progress
  • You had a different vision for what life would be like after the surgery, and things are not going to plan

The Active Bariatric Nutrition Plans Tailored to Your Needs and Goals

60 Minute Initial Consultation
Individualized Supplement Review
Meal and Nutrition Planning
Weekly Meal Ideas
Grocery Lists and Recipes
Achievable Strategic Action Plan
Pre- and Post-workout Fueling Guidelines
Unlimited Email Support Between Sessions
Community Support - Facebook Group
Online Tools, Resources and Information

Three Month Plan

All of the above +
5 Personalized 1:1 Follow-Ups

Five Month Plan

All of the above +
9 Personalized 1:1 Follow-Ups
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